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4 ways to achieve perfect curls without heat

4 ways to achieve perfect curls without heat

Written by Katie Byrne

It's not impossible! Here's how to get a beautiful set of curls without using straighteners or tongs...


There are some easy-peasy tricks to help you achieve gorgeous curls without using a heated appliance - yes, really!

Method one: pinned curls

All you need for the no-heat-curls are bobby pins and a bit of patience. Oh, and a bed.

Simply split your hair into inch-wide pieces and twist into coil-like sections, using your bobby pins to secure them in place. Then, our favourite step of all: go to bed!

When you wake in the morning, unpin the sections and run your fingers through your hair and voila - glorious curls!   


Method two: use a headband

Put a headband on and pull your hair through it. Double the hair back on itself around the headband, so your hair is tightly curled, Grecian-style, around the headband. (This makes a gorgeous hairstyle in its own right, BTW!)

Use a couple of pins to keep in place and leave for a few hours - when you're ready to unveil the curls, simply remove the pins and band!

how to curl hair without heatImages: wohhwedding (left) and wavygirlhairstyles

Method three: get braiding!

For a wave rather than a curl, split your hair into two bunches and plait. For a looser wave, use a classic three-strand plait; for a tighter wave, opt for a French braid instead.

Best done before bed, your hair will have beautiful body once you undo the plaits!

Method four: use socks

No - really. Watch the video below to find out how!



Top image: glamour-hairstyles; I Take You; neverendingwedding; weddingsonline.

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